Testimonial 3

Dr. Young is awesome! I have not always been the best at going for regular checkups in the past. Dr. Young and his staff has helped me gradually get over my fear of the dentist chair. He has given sound advice as to what he thinks would be best practice for dealing with the issues I have encountered. I have been more than pleased with him and his staff. Because I am a creature of habit, when Dr. Young was in a different office and I was scheduled with Dr. Dahlquist, I was a little apprehensive just because I was comfortable with Dr. Young. I had no reason to be concerned because he is amazing! I feel like no matter what happens, my family will be in good hands. An added bonus that was impressive, is the fact that they work closely with the oral surgeon and orthodontist that we have visited so our records are readily available for whoever may need them. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great family dentist office!
Elaine H.

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