Maintaining Your Radiant Smile

Teeth Whitening Warrensburg MOMost trends come and go and then circle around again at some point. One physical trait that has stayed in style through all the changes in what society deems “beautiful” is a radiant smile. We have learned from ancient texts and archeological evidence that there has always been something special about bright, white teeth. This is why humans have stayed at the drawing board for several centuries, trying to figure out how to get and keep teeth as white as they can be without damaging vital structure.

You may be well aware that you’d like a brighter smile. What you may not realize is that a radiant smile makes you appear younger, friendlier, more successful, and even more trustworthy. Of the various details regarding a great smile, it is perhaps the ease with which brightness can be reached and maintained that is essential.

When It’s Time to Raise the Bar

Usually, when a person expresses interest in teeth whitening treatment, the “damage” has already been done. Tooth stains don’t indicate damage like cavities; the dullness and change in brightness that occur usually only indicate that debris has accumulated inside the pores on the outermost surface of enamel. It’s pretty easy to raise the bar on your smile; just see your Ridgeview Family Dental dentist in Oak Grove, Windsor, or Warrensburg for professional teeth whitening treatment. Our in-office and home-use protocols are equally safe and effective at removing set-in stains that are aging your smile.

A New Standard of Excellence

Once the radiance of your smile has reached your desired peak, your future looks incredibly bright – and pretty easy, too. Maintaining your new standard of luminosity takes minimal effort. Proven strategies include:

  • Snack on fresh, crunchy foods like celery and apples. Cruciferous fruits and vegetables and naturally polishing.
  • Be keen on oral hygiene. Brushing morning and night and flossing once a day inhibits the development of plaque that can cause discoloration and dental problems to boot.
  • Rinse your mouth a few times a day, especially after you eat or drink. Water can reduce the concentration of acidity that wears down enamel and leads to discoloration.
  • Get your teeth touched up every so often. A quick home whitening treatment is all it takes to keep your pearly whites shining.

The team at Ridgeview Family Dental is happy to help you get and keep your best smile. Call 660-747-9117 to schedule your visit.

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