Crowns May be Restorative, But They Can Also be Gorgeous!

Dental Crowns Warrensburg, MOHistorically, the need for a dental crown has meant that a tooth has lost its resiliency. Decay or other damage can impede a tooth’s ability to bite and chew, at least without discomfort or further damage. Because crowns were originally developed to restore the shape and structure of a tooth, there was very little attention given to the materials that were used to craft these restorations. We shouldn’t say that; the forefathers of dentistry did their best to achieve the intended goal of reconstruction by choosing materials based solely on durability. That is why gold crowns continue to be highly regarded. But today’s dental patients want more, and they deserve more.

Positive Changes in Dentistry

As with all things, dentistry has changed quite a bit over time. This is fortunate for those of us who want to retain the natural nuances of our smile even when we need some level of restorative care. At Ridgeview Family Dental, one of the ways that we can accomplish this is with porcelain crowns. Some of the advantages of this material include:

Metal-free structure

Many patients today are interested in restorations that do not include metal. When it comes to dental crowns, we can understand why. The original crowns that were invented were all metal. This improved with an overlay of porcelain that covered the metal base. However, a metal base is not translucent, and it also cannot be penetrated by x-ray, which means we cannot see what is happening beneath a metal crown. Finally, over time, a bit of darkness inevitably shows up along the upper ridge of metal and porcelain crown. Only by omitting metal altogether can this be avoided.

All-natural beauty

Porcelain is most often revered for its aesthetic beauty and is a mainstay in cosmetic dentistry. The fact that the characteristics of porcelain closely mimic those that are found in enamel makes this an ideal material for dental crowns. This is especially relevant for patients who need repair for front-tooth damage.

When crowns look like real teeth, you can feel good about your smile. When they function like real teeth, you have a lot to smile about! For more information on our family dentistry offices in Oak Grove, Warrensburg, and Windsor, call 660.747.9117.

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